Market Measurement

Measure healthcare markets around the globe via key metrics which are standardized across 45 countries

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Market Measurement

Scan the world of healthcare with just one click

Measure healthcare markets around the globe via key metrics which are standardized across 45 countries.

Socio Economic Data -Macroeconomic performance, healthcare demographics, opportunities, barriers, trends and outcomes

National Care Provision Data — healthcare infrastructure quantified

National Landscape and Healthcare Outline — detailed country reports

Surgical Procedure Volumes — procedure volumes on 1,000 different surgical procedures


Save time on a daily basis without needing to search and validate different sources.

Data standardized across 45 countries.

Trends in minimal invasive procedures and ambulatory care
Upgrade your surgical procedures with details on surgical procedure techniques and in-hospital vs out-patient care (setting).

Market Metrics
Understand market size or share by country. Identify disease and treatment patterns over time.

Ready to share
Available online for multiple accounts, easy to share across your organization, and ready to use.

Input to custom projects
Feed data to custom projects for even deeper insights.

Deep insight on each country that is both quantitative + qualitative.


MyTools covers 45 countries worldwide:


  • EU5: France, Germany, Italy, Spain & UK
  • Nordics: Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden
  • Rest of Europe: Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Austria & Switzerland
  • Middle East & Africa: Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, UAE & Saudi Arabia


  • China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan & Malaysia


  • North: Canada & USA
  • LATAM: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia & Mexico
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IQVIA & TforG - Stronger Together

  • World class data assets
  • World class data science expertise
  • Ability to invest in offering development
  • Local knowledge in over 120 countries
  • Client partners around the globe
  • Key inputs, resources, and knowledge for key countries, such as China

  • 25+ years dedicated specifically to MedTech customers globally, with work in over 50 countries
  • Small but agile and experienced staff
  • World’s leading expert on coding classifications systems worldwide
  • Best platform, hospital panels, and modeling capabilities in MedTech space