Why TforG

Our services, data, industry focus and global capability will help you achieve your business objectives.

Market access network

TforG heavily invests in qualifying and organizing respondents, experts and stakeholders. These communities are made accessible to all our customers.

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Why TforG

Global coverage and markets we support

Many opportunities for growth and development reside in the emerging markets.
What used to be the traditional core business in the United States, European countries and the Japanese markets offer stability at best nowadays.

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IQVIA & TforG - Stronger Together

  • World class data assets
  • World class data science expertise
  • Ability to invest in offering development
  • Local knowledge in over 120 countries
  • Client partners around the globe
  • Key inputs, resources, and knowledge for key countries, such as China

  • 25+ years dedicated specifically to MedTech customers globally, with work in over 50 countries
  • Small but agile and experienced staff
  • World’s leading expert on coding classifications systems worldwide
  • Best platform, hospital panels, and modeling capabilities in MedTech space