Global Coverage and Markets we support

Many opportunities for growth and development reside in the emerging markets. What used to be the traditional core business in the United States, European countries and the Japanese markets offer stability at best nowadays.

Healthcare business professionals face global challenges and need global answers. TforG is committed to be ahead of the game, and translate its expertise to new high growth emerging markets where your business can prosper.

Each region has its own particular challenges which require sufficient local “know how” to provide adequate solutions that suit different business intelligence issues.

Europe, United States and Japan

Decision makers and decision making are quickly changing. Hospital groups, managers and economic buyers take dominant positions. Payers and policymakers lay out the future priorities.

China and AsiaPac

Although interviews are easy and inexpensive to schedule, relevant respondents and reliable information is hard to come by. Local administrations and politics play a decisive role in decision making.

Russia and Middle East

Stakeholders are difficult to access. Local business practices may complicate the data acquisition process.

India, Latin America and South Africa

The market is centered in cities and private healthcare providers play a significant role with wide regional differences. Extrapolations and national data are complicated to derive.

TforG has built significant expertise that other companies don’t have and is able to provide guidance around the globe. These include:

Local knowledge

TforG digs into the healthcare context of 44 countries worldwide on a daily basis.
Research topics are carefully selected based on their future value and opportunity.

Local language

TforG has an international team enabling us to cover most of EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin American countries.
TforG does not outsource or subcontract (except for North America and Japan).

Business models

TforG understands the business models and distribution strategies for each country.

Access to stakeholders

To provide meaningful insights, we invest heavily in a network of reference hospitals, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), hospital managers, payers and policy makers. We understand that reliable data acquisition requires country specific approaches.

Uniform formats

We format our insights thoughtfully and uniformly to allow our international business partners to gain the most from the information and make decisions faster and more efficiently.